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What is Encaustic?

I like to think of encaustic as a mystical and magical medium that has been used since the beginning of time. Well maybe not dating that far back, but there are records of artist painting with medium as far back as the 5th century B.C..

Encaustic is mixing and melting beeswax and damar resin together to create a clear medium. I then add my dry pigments to create the colors. From the moment I brush the melted wax to the surface it is already starting to cool. Each layer must be fused together by heat, melting the top layer into the previous layer.

How do I take care of my encaustic original painting? Encaustic paintings are archival. Beeswax is impermeable, it doesn’t need to be protected under glass, it will not deteriorate, or darken or turn yellow. But like all artwork, there are some things to remember when taking care of you encaustic piece. An an encaustic piece will not melt unless under extreme heat, we’re talking over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. My disclaimer: never leave your encaustic painting in your car on a hot day! When hanging it in your home, use your judgement. If it’s an area where a window acts as a magnifying glass and gets really hot, I’d advise to hang it on a different wall. But all in all, remember, a piece won’t start to shift unless it gets over 150 degrees. If your home is that hot, unfortunately you have bigger problems. That said, the opposite is also true. Avoid storing your encaustic piece in freezing cold temperatures as the wax can be sensitive.

Bloom: Bloom is a natural outcome from working with beeswax and is a cloudy white film that appears over the encaustic piece. Keep in mind it will never be so cloudy that you can’t see the art! It’s just dulls it down a bit. Simply gently rub the surface of your encaustic painting with a soft cloth when the piece appears a bit dull. (A flour sack or old cotton t-shirt works great.) As you gently buff the piece you will see the shine come through and the piece will come alive again! Over time, the surface will retain its shiny appearance as the wax medium continues to harden and cure over time.

Color Accuracy: Ever notice going into an electronics store and all the TV pictures are slightly different in color. That’s how computer screens are. Colors are represented as close and accurately as possible. However, please note, colors may slightly vary according to your monitor.

Shipping: From the time you place your order, please allow 3-8 business days until you receive your package depending on your zip code. I generally ship out USPS Priority Mail.

International Shipping: Currently I only ship in the United States. But have patience as I plan to ship internationally soon!

Certificate of Authenticity: With each original painting and print, you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition Prints: I’ve taken a lot of time, (to the point my husband thinks I’m crazy) spending countless hours creating my prints. From digital capture, color correcting and editing to the papers I’ve selected, a lot of thought and consideration went into the decision making process to create a spectacular fine art print! I think you’ll agree. The colors are brilliant and vibrant and the papers are the highest, archival fine art papers. I can’t wait for you to see your print!